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A PLETHORA OF PANCAKES … cuz, why not?

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A PLETHORA OF PANCAKES … cuz, why not?


When Marie Antoinette said ‘let them have cake’, I’m pretty sure what she really meant to say was ‘let them have pancakes’. I am an inclusive pancake lover, who would go as far as to call even a crepe a skinny pancake. In honour of Pancake Day, which was officially yesterday but clearly should be every damn day, ammiright – I went down to Coco9 to celebrate with their all day pancake specials! They were the first to bring Japanese Pancakes to Karachi and so I believed they would do justice to this holy of days. (Side Note: They also do a kickass Japanese Jiggly Cheesecake that blows Uncle Tetsu’s out of the water!)

The Funfetti Pancake:

Cover me in sprinkles and call me a birthday present because life is always more fun with sprinkles on top. This pancake is a sweet, nostalgic sugar high, which tastes like a party in your mouth!

The Strawberry White Chocolate Pancake:

Oozing class and elegance, the fresh strawberry’s on top of the steaming pancakes, smothered in a thin, yet decadent white chocolate sauce, is like a plus ultra version of regular strawberry pancakes.

The Kinder Bueno Pancakes:

No need to open up 6 layers of foil and packing, cause the surprise is right in front of you! Topped with a Bueno stick, this was the richest pancake I tried. The sticky syrup was divine, but anything more than 5 bites and I would be done for. Definitely meant to be shared!

The Lotus Pancake:
I don’t think you guys need a reminder about my crippling lotus addiction, but it’s safe to say, it’s no where under control. Although the pancakes themselves were light and fluffy, and thankfully not overly sweet, I could have used more lotus sauce. I know it takes away from the actual flavour of the pancakes but all I really want is a vessel for my lotus.

Coco9 is really pulling the pancake game in the city up. They have a solid base for the inventive toppings the offer.  Moat importantly they don’t skimp on quality of chocolate which is a huge deal for me.

Written by: Aneela Shaikh

Cheese fiend by day, anime addict by night, you can find Aneela begging strangers online to source her Lucky Charms (@aneelashaikh)

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