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Listen up Karachi! Everyone’s favorite and go-to dessert spot, Lals, has finally launched take-home tubs of their infamous gelato. Now you can satisfy your sweet tooth from the luxury of your home! Available in their most popular flavors; Kinder, Chocolate, Strawberry, Mango, and Dark Chocolate gelato, we’re in the mood to taste test all five!

Very Strawberry:

With strawberries sourced from the beautiful Swat valley of Pakistan and milk from a local vendor – Lals strawberry gelato is hand made in their in house kitchen every day.

Millionaire Dark Chocolate:

This dark chocolate gelato is intense, luscious, rich and made fresh everyday. Talk about true indulgence in it’s best form!

Kinder White Chocolate:

This one is for the little ones! A kiddo favourite where milk and white chocolate come together to create a delicious and fun flavour! (Psst. We love this one because it takes us back to our own childhood eating Kinder Eggs!)

Chaunsa Mango:

Beat the heat with this fruity and flavourful combo, made from the finest chaunsas Pakistan has to offer.

Belgian Chocolate:

Rich, velvety chocolate gelato with finely shaved Belgian chocolate flakes come together to create the uniquely textured experience we all know and love! You can never go wrong with this classic

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