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Ramzan Rapid Fire with Ghana Ali

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Ramzan Rapid Fire with Ghana Ali


One dish that HAS to be on the table at iftar and why? 

There always has be fruit chaat somewhere on the table! I love fruit, and Summer is the season, so this is a must for me!

One item you end up binge eating and then regret?

Pakoras! The more I try and resist them, the more their inviting smell gets me every time.

What do you like to make / cook / create for the table? 

Surprisingly, when it comes to making a killer helping of macaroni, I am the champ! It’s not the most traditional iftar spread item, but since it happens to be something I love and am good at making, it finds its way to the table.

Your Sehri must haves? 

I don’t eat too much in the morning, so my sehri mostly consists of fresh fruits, some yogurt, and lassi.

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