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We head over to The Crepery in Karachi to dig into their mouthwatering menu

While many people think crepes are an easy to whip together delight, not many realize that there is actually a touch of finesse that goes into getting them just right. The crepe itself needs to be the perfect texture – not to paper-thin and not to soggy fat – and then the insides needed to be loaded just right so each bite has the perfect balance of filling. Yes… Finesse is the right word. That’s why when I headed over to The Crepery for my first visit, I walked in with a mountain of expectations. Well… let’s find out if they delivered.

Located on Muslim Commercial – This quaint little spot has seating for about 10-12 people, and their menu is simple and to the point. I love that! They are sticking to what they know and perfecting it, unlike other establishments that load up their menu with every random concoction they can imagine and then eventually fail to deliver.

I walked in knowing for sure that it was my sweet tooth that needed pacifying, but decided to first kick things off with something savory. ‘Cuz… well, why not? I ordered their chicken and cheese crepe and was quite surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I associate crepes with dessert, so to step out of my own comfort zone I ordered something new and different – and I’m glad I did! It was packed with flavor, but never once came off as soggy or overstuffed.

Next up – the goodies! We ordered a classic Nutella Crepe, a Strawberry and Banana Crepe and a Smoreo Crepe. Let me just tell you – they were truly out of this world. The base of each crepe was just right, while every different flavor bought something new to the table. My favorte from the three was the Smoreo, as it had the crunchy texture of oreos sprinkled on top, with a warm and gooey inside to compliment.

While we sat there and inhaled all the calories in front of us, the waiter bought over their newly launched Dutch Mini Pancakes for us to try. I now owe this man my life because those little bites of heaven were just what I needed and never even knew. Light and fluffy bite-sized pancakes that melt in your mouth – drenched in a thick nutella sauce – it was truly what dreams are made of.

All in all – I would say The Crepery is a hidden gem of Karachi, calling out to all crepe lovers. I would give them a solid 9/10 and can see myself going back on the regular. I’m next looking forward to them adding something completely original to their menu. While they hit the mark with their classic and not to be missed creations, the only thing missing is something totally out of the box to help cement their name in the busy foodie market of K town.

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