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Karachi has a new (yes, another) fried chicken eatery here to cluck it’s way into your waistline.

If you read my review on Mad Roosta, then look away for these first few lines as I reintroduce myself as the self-titled Queen of Fried Chicken! Yes, that’s right – when it comes to this classic southern staple, I am truly an expert (or so I like to believe). I went on and on about Mad Roosta and I was highly impressed. But what’s even more fun than that? Having something to directly compare it too. That’s why when I heard of the new joint Clucky’s – I was over the moon!

I mean the fried chicken was calling to me and since you all need to know my thoughts I felt it my civic duty to run on over.

Walking in you get the exact feel you need for eating such a heavy (some may say junk food) meal. It’s a cute little spot with limited seating and the vibe was laid back and totally chill. The menu consists of basic pieces of fried chicken, some really yummy looking sandwiches and “clucky bites combos”. Now… wedding season is around the corner people, so I had to reign it in. The combos looked the most exciting, so those sandwiches will just have to wait.

You start with picking one of three bases – the waffle cone, tandoori rice, and fries. While most of us went with the waffle cone because let’s be honest we do it all for the gram, we got a bowl of tandoori rice and fries to share. Now is the good stuff… you have TEN sauces to choose from. And each sounds better than the next. We got our cones with Mexican Reaper Salsa, Jalapeno Cheddar, Peri Clucking Hot, and the Dynamite Burst.

I mean… how playful and fun! Each of the sauces was bursting with flavor and served drizzled on top piping hot and crispy chicken, it was a win, win. Best of all, the waffles were fresh and crunchy, giving is the perfect balance of textures. The dynamite was a bit strange, because I’m used to having that sauce on prawns, and the Mexican salsa was not the MOST exciting thing I have ever tried, but oh my, my did the clucking hot sauce hit the spot!

Now, as for the other two combos; With the tandoori rice, not something I would want to ever have but I understand only exists because of the need to satisfy our desi masses, didn’t bode well with me. However, for that dish, we had opted for the Sweet N’ Sour Shaolin sauce, and it was really unique on it’s own. That order kind of felt like I was eating desi Chinese! And last up, the fries which we got with Buffed Up Baffalo sauce, which was the “comfort-food-classic-bar-staple-thingy” you want and need.

Ok. I have to admit, we also got sides. But not all out! Just an order of Tater Tots, which if you have ever seen on a menu you get why we had to give in. These crunchy little sinful bites were well worth the calories since clearly no one was counting.

Located on Bukhari Commercial, right next to Springs, overall I would say it was a fun night out of indulgent eating. However… and I hate to say this. Do I really see myself going back? Yes yes, I still want to try the sandwich, but that is more out of cheery greediness than anything. This spot is great for that one off meal, but I don’t see myself going back on the regular, unless a craving hits.



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