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There are a lot of options when it comes to Pan Asian cuisine in Lahore and yet when cravings call, one can never decide where to end up. My friends and I decided to check out Novu, since their recently opened second branch in Gulberg had already become the talk of the town.

Credits: Novu Official Page

The giant doors at the entrance welcomed us into the world of Pan Asian food. From the spacious new digs to the open seating plan and smiling manager who greeted us, we were already loving the new space. However, the true test will and always will be the food, and once we were seated it was time to dig in.

As we perused though the menu, we found ourselves spoiled for choice. We started off with ordering Tom Yum Gai soup, which was one of the best Thai soups I’ve had to date. It had an intense and aromatic flavor and its rich and creamy coconut-infused broth made me want to order seconds. For appetizers, we ordered the dynamite prawns, which as we all know – is always a good call. They were crispy on the outside and tender from the inside, and the sauce was simply amazing! We also ordered the Teriyaki Wings, which sounded promising, but as I took my first bite, I realized that they were fairly undercooked. The sight of fresh blood in my wings almost left a bad taste in my mouth for the entire evening.

Credits: Novu Official Page

However, the mains made up for the wings! Their Mongolian Beef, served with Egg Fried Rice, was cooked to perfection and was bursting with flavour. Now, I am the type to love a kick of spice, so the 2 chilli rating for the beef was fine by me, but not everyone likes to go as spicy as I do, so to make up for that we ordered the Chicken in Oyster Sauce. Mild in flavour and simple in its execution, it did the trick but was surely not a stand out for me. Meanwhile, back in the love of spice department, the Pad Thai noodles were hitting the spot. With an authentic flavour and packed with fresh ingredients, it truly completed our Pan Asian experience.

Credits: Novu Official Page

Now you must be wondering – well, what about the sushi? Yes, I admit – we didn’t end up having any, which I know most of you would think is blasphemous but for me it’s simply a reason to go back. From what I hear, the Dynamite Roll is truly out of this world, so you can bet I am adding that to my list for next time.

Credits: Novu Official Page

Novu is a pretty and cozy place. It is simple in it’s exterior as well as interior, yet obviously well though out. It’s the perfect place for a romantic night out or even a family celebration. Best of all, the waiters were extremely polite and helpful; They showed interest and care for each customer and if you asked them any question about the menu, they were able to explain everything.

With affordable prices, an attentive staff and some delicious food – I would recommend everyone to at least give it a try. I will be honest, even though Novu offers it all, it does not necessarily stand out in a city overflowing with Pan Asian food. However, it doesn’t quite get lost in the crowd either.

Have you been yet? Comment below and let us know what you think of Novu, and where on the scale it ends up for you.

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