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The name is synonymous with fine dining and the best culinary skills – so to open up a café called Cordon Bleu is a risk not many would take. However, this vibrant little joint café, located in DHA phase 4, Lahore, seems to be living up the pressure of its namesake.

Opened as the dream child of a young and dedicated woman entrepreneur, this place seems to be the perfect example of how hard work and determination can make one’s dreams come true.

As you walk into the little bakery, the radiant ambiance welcomes you in. The perfect combination of warm colors, bright lights and the aroma of freshly baked goods all come together to entice the patrons. However, the ambiance is not the main attraction, as the food here is just scrumptiously delicious!

We opted to try out the most popular menu items as recommended by their staff.  To start with, we went for a simple and classic appetizer – wings. These “Red Wings” are simply not for the faint of heart! Tossed in a Chilli and Garlic hot sauce, they lived up to the finger-lickin’ goodness that you expect from wings. Crunchy and saucy, I was impressed! The Chef’s Special Chicken, which we were told is a must-try, came served up with an in house sauce, which was the saving grace of the dish. I can’t even describe it as it was bursting with flavors and highly complimented the simple grilled chicken it came with – something that can often fall dry and basic. The T-Bone and Rib Eye Steak made for intense and hearty meals – a mission to devour for any carnivore, but worth it! With a massive chunk of meat – it all came down to the cooking, and for us the medium rare helping was what we asked for and what was delivered. Had the steak been kept on the heat for any longer, this would be a whole different conversation. Lastly, our overly zealous waiter tried to get us to try the Mutton Chops, but we couldn’t take in any more meat and opted for a simple Margarita Pizza instead. The Pizza was nothing stand out – but compared to the banquet of steak we had just inhaled, I didn’t mind the lackluster final dish.

As I sipped my Green Apple Chiller, the polite and helpful staff checked back in and asked for any genuine feedback to improve their service. They had spent the evening attending to our needs very efficiently but without hovering around, and their service was also fast-paced and consistency. Just wanted to mention them since they truly made the effort with our table!

Do you really think we simply just called for the bill? I mean, what are cafes without desserts, huh? This cafe offers a specialty in desserts since their business originally started off as a bakery. While there are a whole lot of appetizing desserts, with their Lotus Cheesecake being a best seller, I wanted something a little more indulgent and opted for the Midnight Sin and Molten Lava cake. The fudgy brownie and piping hot cake are any chocolate lovers dream come true – but two bites in I realized my choices where far too heavy to finish off the meal I had just gone through. Note to self: always save MORE room for dessert.

The cafe has various cakes, all for ready to pick purposes. These include simple and specially decorated cakes for all sorts of occasions! Moreover, cakes can be made according to the customer’s wishes as well!

My final verdict? The food is decent but not decedent – nothing truly stands out as a life-changing culinary adventure, HOWEVER, the desserts are totally worth each and every calorie. A 6.5/10 in total.


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