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Dalgona Coffee – is it worth the hype?

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Dalgona Coffee – is it worth the hype?


Once again the West has succeeded in revamping our traditional dishes that once used to be a part of our lifestyle. Remember when our very own Haldi Doodh became Turmeric Latte? Similarly, this time they have renamed our ‘Pheti hui Coffee’ as ‘Dalgona Coffee’.

We agree that the aesthetic pictures of delicious-looking Dalgona Coffee, are definitely not worth a miss while mindlessly scrolling through social media during the lockdown. If we look at social media minutely, this coffee is the biggest trend that is making a buzz across platforms. Right from Twitter to Facebook, Instagram and TikTok – Dalgona Coffee is all over the internet. On the other side of the spectrum, the drink is being criticized and is being considered ‘overhyped’ on social media too. From home chefs to professionals, everyone is agreeing that it’s a replica of old-age pheti hui coffee.

From what we’ve seen, the coffee is pretty simple to make. All you gotta do is mix equal amounts of sugar, instant coffee, and water. We decided to include six tablespoons of coffee, six tablespoons of water and six tablespoons of sugar. (Don’t call the Health Promotion Board on us— we are five people at home)

Now for the mixing process, there were two options: we could either choose to hand-mix it or use an electric mixer. We wanted the experience to be as ‘authentic’ as possible, so decided to hand-mix it( which we regretted after 15 minutes and used beater instead)

Assembling the final product is pretty simple as well: Put in the ice into a glass, add milk of your choice, and then top it off with the coffee mixture. With the amount of coffee mixture we had, it made 5 glasses of Dalgona Coffee.

So we can all agree that it’s Instagrammable, but how does it taste?

As someone who doesn’t like coffee for how bitter it is, we actually enjoyed this because it was sweet and had a light taste. People with a sweet tooth would definitely enjoy this.

Would we make this again? Absolutely! In fact, we would even recommend everyone to give it a go!

So if you’re staying at home like the responsible citizen you are and looking for something new to try out, why not try making this hype-worthy Dalgona coffee? You’ll get social media content out of this too! Why don’t you try this and post it on your Instagram, do use #EatWithEats besides using #DalgonaCoffeeChallenge hashtag.


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