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Eats Rules for How Restaurants and Foodies Can Survive Corona!

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Eats Rules for How Restaurants and Foodies Can Survive Corona!


Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, is spreading across the globe and the farther we stay away from it, the better. Staying indoors and social distancing seems to be the best option as it keeps you away from coming into contact with other, but isolation kills a lot of things as we are used to in our every day routine. Eating out is one of them, something that has emerged as the national pastime of Pakistanis in the last few years. People might or might not test positive for Corona, but foodies will most certainly go mental without the option of eating out, and that’s why we have come up with a solution.

Restaurants Should:


  • Offer discounts to their customers to promote take away and delivery:

Since there is a ban on dining-in, restaurants are facing an uphill task to continue their business. The best way to attract customers is to ‘make them an offer they can’t refuse.’ Yes, if the customers are given a chance to buy one get one free deal, or 15% to 20% discounts on orders or something like that, why would they not order and fill their belly with their favourite food.


  • Make all staff wear gloves and masks, and promote the fact on Social Media:

It’s a jungle out there. The best way to promote your restaurant is to promote the hygienic steps you have taken if you have taken them. Otherwise make sure that the cooks, riders and even the person on the cashbox has its hand and face covered with gloves and masks respectively (cooks should also have their heads covered). Don’t forget to advertise these steps on the Social Media as it will make the customers go to your restaurant than your competition.


  • Ensure that the customers can pay online so that cash doesn’t exchange hands:

If you don’t accept online payment, this is the best time to introduce it. Why? Because it will minimize the interaction between Customers and Riders, otherwise they will have to exchange notes. Through online payment, nobody will have the chance to transmit the virus, as the passing of notes becomes obsolete.


  • Increase their Social Media marketing and even develop a delivery application:

There are some restaurants in Pakistan that already have an easy to use portal to place orders, and in such a scenario like today, it is the best option to order out. Those restaurants who have been avoiding such steps in the past should develop an application if they are serious to stay relevant and in business, because you have to invite customers otherwise they will go elsewhere. Right now, they are the laziest people around for obvious reasons, so go ahead and develop an application to avoid relegation.

Foodies Should:


  • Avail take away and delivery discounts, and stay indoors at all costs

Since most of us foodies are confined to our homes, the best way to continue eating out without leaving the premises is to order online. Most of the restaurants are offering discounts to their customers so go for the ones that are easy on your wallet as well as on you. I would have suggested tipping the rider (but that would result in cash exchanging hands, something we should avoid at the moment). Once Corona is over, pay these riders or increase your order frequency from the restaurants that completely adhered to the safety regulations during this tough time.

  • Make sure to pay via Debit/Credit Card instead of Cash On Delivery so that Cash doesn’t exchange hands

The smartest way to pay during these tiring times is through online payment, and if you order food from restaurants that encourage such payment method, that would encourage others to join in. By avoiding to pay via cash, you would be playing your part in stopping Corona from spreading and right now that’s the best way to do that.

I hope this discussion was of immense help to both the restaurants and the foodies. Order now and stay inside to avoid catching Corona, and spend your time eating what your heart desires, and your stomach can digest. No one wants to become obese while battling Corona Virus!

Written by: Omair Alavi (@omair78)
There are three things that define Omair – Food. Films. Books (in that order). He doesn’t just love food, he also loves the story behind each dish, so be ready for an amalgamation of history and hunger!

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