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Foodie Review: The Lisbon Chocolate Cake at Test Kitchen


Foodie Review: The Lisbon Chocolate Cake at Test Kitchen


Whenever the culinary Gods at Test Kitchen by Okra introduce something new, I’m the first one to show up to give it a try. Case in point – their hot chocolate! This sinfully delicious treat captured my heart from the start and became a winter staple in my not so wedding diet.

So of course, when I heard they had introduced the Lisbon chocolate cake I immediately knew I had to get my hands on it. My food FOMO kicked in and off I went to grab a slice.

Let me start off by saying – the cake in itself is delicious! Moist, rich and packed with chocolate goodness… what more could you ask for? Did it hit the sweet spot? Yes! However … I couldn’t help but wonder. Have I had this before?

If I’m being honest, the Lisbon chocolate cake is a fancy name for a similar treat I’ve been eating in Karachi for years and years. Over the last decade, The Remas’s chocolate cake has been tried and tested and dare we say – perfected! The only difference between the two is that Remas’s has a gooey, melted centre, whereas the Test Kitchen cake had a more solid mousse base. However the rich flavour pallets, the intense chocolate overdose and the cocoa dusted top all seemed just a little too close for comfort.

I’m not saying that any one chef has dibs on a universal chocolate cake. However, considering that Test Kitchen usually bring something totally new to the table, I couldn’t help but feel like I was having something I’d had before – many, many times! Will I go back and have it again…? Probably. But, will I feel like I’m cheating on Rema just a little bit? Hmmm…

Besides the fact that it felt familiar, I must reiterate that the cake was truly divine. I just expect TK to take something we all know and love and to put their unusual spin on it. Perhaps a pinch of salt, or maybe a dollop of cream? An out of the box coulis to give it some kind of added drama! (This, coming from the girl who loves her signature chocolate dessert!)

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