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Garden Bistro


Garden Bistro


Karachi is a city with an expansive palette of different cuisines and the newest eatery in town is the Garden Bistro, which we went to try out!

The ambiance is not too big, but well seated with a family feel to it with beautiful lavender like flowers hanging from the ceiling making it aesthetically pleasing. The restaurateurs make it a point to come and check on customers if they are at the vicinity and even personally recommend dishes to try.

What we ate:

The broccoli omelet with toast – don’t be fooled by the broccoli part. The broccoli is sauteed in garlic and served with steamed green beans with low-fat hollandaise sauce and honey mustard dressing. So good, you don’t realize how much until you’re done with each bite!

A hazelnut latte, because no brunch starts without caffeine! This was not overly sweet and hit the right notes, waking us up to enjoy what came after!

Wholewheat pancakes which came as a trio stack of naturally sweetened, made with 100% whole-wheat flour. Served with seasonal fruits and fruit coulis (in our case this was mango!) and a helping of vanilla honey yogurt. This was the winning dish for us. The pancakes were not just delicious, they were light and even though we were getting full, we couldn’t stop eating!

If you like pasta, THIS is your baby! We definitely needed a break from truffle oil and indulge in real and fresh flavors, which we got from this! Even if you’re not a fan of quinoa, oh my GOD! This was divine! You can opt to have this past with chicken, beef, shrimp or even vegetables – its literally a dish for everyone and anyone!

The super-thin crust vegetable pizza really hit the spot! You don’t feel cheated eating this as you do with other veggie pizzas. SUPER delicious and definitely something we would have again!

The miso chilli glazed prawns with wasabi lime sauce, sesame and spinach with garlic rice was okay! The flavors of the prawns were super, the spinach was fantastic but the rice was a tad overcooked – still edible and we would still go back to give it a shot again!


Our first dessert was the baked chocolate mousse which was dark chocolate with a gooey center and served with a scoop of Garden Bistro’s signature protein ice cream with a drizzle of berry compote and chocolate syrup! YUM!

To finish, the dark orange french toast, which was fluffy and the perfect way to end the meal (or even start your day if you like sweet breakfast items), was made of wholewheat bread and was completely sugar-free! The chocolate sauce and shaved almonds gave it that slight sweet kick we need without it being too sweet like french toasts at other eateries!

Overall experience? 8/10

Would we go again? ABSOLUTELY!

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