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The trend of dhaba dining is one that seems to have stuck, and it has turned out to be an innovative shift in the restaurant business. Who doesn’t love an eatery that is not only breaking down the monotony of cafes and schmoozy dinners, but one that is also easy on the pocket?

I’m a fan of exploring new trends and since food is my weakness, last week I went to this little dhaba named SUROO located near Askari 11 – and I just had to report back. It opens up at 6PM in the evening and is home to only outdoor seating. Yes, it’s still quite hot and humid to be sitting outside, but with winter just around the corner, finding a new spot to sit under the cool Lahore breeze has been a treat in itself. If you have ever been to a village in rural punjab, you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say that you feel transported. From the bamboo stools, fancy bolsters and spacious sitting area, to the wooden chairs and blasting air coolers – you really are treated to a proper desi dhaba experience. Oh, and best of all, they also have ludo boards, which is always a plus point in my eyes! What feels for like home than your favourite board game?

Now coming to the food. As I was there with just a friend of mine, and it was purly circumstance that we ended up here, we were not fully invested in pigging out so we simply ordered their momos (dumplings) to try, along with a chocolate gola to share and of course, chai.

They served their dumplings aka momos, fried – and while I prefer them to be steamed, I didn’t mind the change. However, I wouldn’t suggest their momos to all picky foodies out there – they failed dot hit the spot and were heavy on the oil. I mean, serves me right for going to a dhaba and ordering dumplings… let’s just ignore that part altogether!


Now, on to the good stuff. The real stuff. Their chocolate gola (sounds kina’ meh but trust me) was on point and a treat for any sweet lover! It was the perfect combination of shaved ice, chocolate sauce and chia seeds on the top, and was a sinful snack in this scouring weather. But the true test of any dhaba is the chai because that one cup of tea can make of break your whole experience. Calling all karak chai lovers out there… you NEED TO try their driver chai! The name is derived from chai which is usually made across highway dhabas for truck drivers who have long shifts with no sleep. It is a must try for people who want something to de-stress after a long and busy day. Warning – it’s STRONG, but worth the kick.

This place isn’t pricey, gives off positive and homey vibes and has that classic chai that hits the spot. (I figure it to be the perfect late-night hangout spot for students.) kick back and relax with desi music playing on the speakers as you sip your tea or munch away on the variety of snacks.

Ok ok, I got a little swept away in the theme of it all – but who doesn’t when they find a cute new spit. However, nothing is perfect. One thing that they need to take care of is the hygiene of their restrooms. I won’t go into detail, but that is one aspect of a true school dhaba I do NOT want to go through. Moreover, they also need to have better parking in order to accommodate their customers because the present one does not cater to a lot of cars.

Overall, this was a good experience especially after a tiring week of work and errands. I found a comfortable and calm place to have a good time with a friend, and like I said – with winter around the corner – I know where my breezy nights are going to go.

Conrtibuted By: Aleena Sarwat


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