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Juice it up with Natasha Khalid


|ake 2 cucumbers, 3 celery stalks and 1 beetroot and juice together in your juicer.


Mix together you green juice with 1 banana and a hint of lemon in a blender. The amount of lemon you put is up to you!


Throw in a handful of blended spinach. PRO TIP: Pre blend your spinach instead of juicing it as it wont taste so bitter and will get masked by the taste of the banana.

That’s all you need and you are set to kick of your day on a high and healthy note! If Natasha swears by this recipe, which she says tastes more like a smoothie than a juice, then we definitely take her word for it.

Makeup artist Natasha Khalid of Natasha Salon is not only a beauty expert, but also a go to guide for all things wellness. Known to embrace a green lifestyle, the secret to her flawless skin is hidden behind her daily dose of green juice. Here, she shares her favorite juice recipe that everyone can make at home in three simple steps!

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