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Karachi Eat: Three Days of calories, carbs and much more!

Foodies Roundup

Karachi Eat: Three Days of calories, carbs and much more!

Karachi eat

Every year, Karachi Eat feels like Christmas – you wait all year for it and in a blink of the eye, it’s over! That’s why this year I made sure to make the most of my foodie weekend and indulged in as many calories as I possibly could. While my original rule was to avoid stalls that are already established eateries and stick to newbies only, that was not the case! Ready? Lets EAT!

DAY 1:

The trick to KHI Eat is to go scope the scene on Friday, while vendors still set up and crowds are at their lowest. I reached by 5:30PM only to find many stalls still empty! After doing a slow stroll around Beach View Park and seeing who seemed to have their life sorted and which stalls I knew needed more time to prepare, I began to pick away!

Right off the bat, I walked past a plethora of dessert spots and decided to throw any etiquette of going in meal order. With the smell of freshly baked on the spot cookies calling my name, SUGAR DRIZZLE lured me in and I couldn’t help but devour their classic milk chocolate cookie in just three massive bites. Warm and gooey – it took all of my to keep from buying a whole tin. On both sides of SD, fresh donuts called to me – Happy Donuts and ODonuts. While ODONUTS where light and airy, nothing to obsess over but nothing to complain about either, HAPPY left me sad in every way (pun intended) as they were soggy and overly sweet. I think I’ll still to my weekly Easy run for any donuts fix.

I had heard a LOT about the new TACOCAT El Pastor taco, and so I had to give it a try. Their taco was delicious, with soft and flavourful chicken, while the sweet chilli pineapple topping bringing the whole thing together harmoniously. Yum, yum! And since I was braking the no restaurant rule, I also hopped over to YOSHIS, where I love the spicy Korean chicken, (which may have been a little over the top spicy to enjoy at a festival) but sadly their ebi-shinjo was burnt! I shouldn’t have wasted carbs on something I can get my hands on any time of the week. SIGH.

I was starting to get full, but there was still so much too see. Lastly, we had to hit up DRTY DOGS, and I’m so glad I did because the line for that stall the next two days looked haunting. The Dirty Mexican was a 10/10 – with a soft bun and perfectly grilled sausage, loaded with plentiful of toppings… Truly one of my favourite things this time around!

DAY 2:

I headed over early-ish again on Saturday, and managed a whole lot of eatin’ in the two hours before rush started. By the time I left, around 4PM, the crowds were swooping in and I was calling my car, stuffed to the brim and ready for a mid day nap!

I was truly famished, so I needed proper food in my stomach before my hungry status turned HANGry.  Surprisingly, HOB NOB’s sour cream pattie was fresh, hot and complimented perfectly by the herb infused sour cream – and just the snack I needed to pacify my hunger pangs. Now I could think straight and plan my limited time there.

We decided to divide and conquer, hit up two separate burger joints and then pin them against each other. From 75 DEGREES, I got their classic cheeseburger and from CARBIES we got their burger with onion jam. Truly, and I don’t mean to be so nice, they were both amazing in their own right. Carbies was something new and different, with the classic cheeseburger from 75 Degrees felt very comfortable and familiar (like whenever you eat Shake Shack!).

I now desperately needed something sweet! My first stop, CARAMELT and their Japanese Pancakes with Lotus sauce. One word people… FAIL. Yeah, you heard me right. The pancakes were far from fluffy, the sauce overpowering and bitter and the helping was abysmally small for the amount I was paying. Simultaneously, the Hot Chocolate from GANACHE BY RUBY was also a massive no, no as it was watery hot chocolate with biscuit flakes claiming to be a “S’Mores Jar”. I was immediately disheartened but kept my eyes on the lookout for redemption. This came with back-to-back sweets that hit the spot. I got the mini lotus French Toast from COCO9 which was great because it wasn’t overpoweringly doused in sauce and you could actually feel the light texture of the cinnamon dusted toast. And of course, we also paid our annual visit to the WAFFLE WITCH stall, which was killing it with their lotus soft serve and warm chewy waffles.

DAY 3:

I MUST TRY those Bao Buns! Insta had been blowing up with rave reviews, and after two days of not having gotten my hands on them, this became my Sunday mission. With the gloomy, it might rain kind of weather, I know I wanted to go early and wrap things up so I could come home before the hundreds of families flooded the venue. I also had a final checklist in mind and wanted to make sure I got them done!

I walked right up to BASIC, which had been home to the longest line for two days, and stood there with no intention to give up. Thank God for my will power, because the bao was a nice change of pace from the usual eats finds, and I fell in love with their trucks design, (hundred percent the best-looking food stall). I followed this up with a phenomenal (emphasis of the PHEEEEEnonemenal) brisket from SOL, which fell apart and melted in your mouth. Their black Betty is being put to good use!  After this, I was dunzo… I mean… even while listing this all down I’m a wee bit embarrassed as to how much I effing ate! So I scurried off to lie to my trainer, not before picking up a pack of Jolly Rancher ice lollies from DOH to keep in the fridge.

All in all, I had the best time stuffing my face silly. I also had some amazing prawns at some point, but I stole them from friends we ran into and can’t remember the name. Oops… looks like I will have to wait a while year to try them again. Oh wait, can I just say – RIGOS was NOT serving the gold ice cream as promised, I know because I checked twice, and that giving a foodie false hope is basically one of the biggest sins!

What about all of you foodies? What were some of your favourite stalls and fiends – give us your feedback!


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