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The new eatery in town, here to satisfy your Mexican food cravings.

Move over Chipotle (actually no, if they ever come here I would surely be first in line) because there is a new Mexican joint in town that has already made its name in the game for Karachi foodies. Adobo Mexican Grill has the same, do it yourself take, to quick dining – giving its patrons a tailor-made experience. I’ve been there three times already and so I can safely say that I know what I’m talking about. I hope.

Located at the corner of Saba and Shahbaz, this cute little spot can’t be missed, with its neon lights, yellow walls and funky street style graffiti interior. With seating of about 20 people, it’s a great spot for a quick bite that leaves you stuffed and satisfied.

To start things off, you have your choice of base – with all the classics: Tacos (hard shell or soft), Salad, Burrito or Burrito Bowl (with options of both brown and white rice). Next up, your protein; chicken, ground beef or steak – which all set the tone to pile on the fixings. From three levels of salsa, to cheese, veggies and guac galore – you can mix and match away to create a hearty meal made just the way you like it. A little more queso here, a dollop of sour cream there, some corn in the middle… and you are all set!

Since there is no real menu here to go off of, I have to go with the highs and lows. And to be honest, it’s not a fair fight. For me, almost everything was bursting with flavor and right on point. The hard shell tacos, which come in a set of three and make a total mess of your plate by the end, with ground beef and hot salsa are my absolute favourite. I personally found the soft shell to get a little too soggy, and so the extra calories are worth the crunch. The burrito is… massive, to say the least. Again, you’re going to make a mess – so I suggest asking them to cut in half for you at the counter. For me, this was almost too much to take on, and since I had loaded on the fixin’s I was getting more mouthfuls of one flavor, than a little bit of everything. For that, the burrito bowl was way easier to navigate. With the heaping spoons of guacamole and sour cream, it was truly a big bowl of authentic tasting goodness.

Wait, how have I come this far without my ode to their queso! This cheesy sauce packs the punch and is dangerously delicious and addictive. I drizzled all three of my tacos with it, and if it wasn’t Decemberistan, I would be getting it on the side with dip as well. I could truly see my self indulging a little too much, so shout out to all the Keto dieters out there who can afford eating all that fat! Oh yes, and the Guac too… right on point! And they aren’t stingy with the helpings either, which is always a plus! (Side thought, seriously contemplating switching to Keto just to live off Adobo).

With smaller portions on the kids menu, sides of chips and truly an abundance of options, Adobo is servin’ it up for all. And what’s important to notice is – so far, in the one month they have been open, quality and quantity has yet to be compromised. This is usually the time eateries have teething issues, so cheers to them for managing to stay on top of their game. However, their price points are on the higher side, so for those rates, you’re expecting, and getting, what you deserve. My first trip, my friend and I got an order each of hard shell tacos, and with the pile-on of flavors (queso and guac is extra, of course) and two bottles of water, we each ate for around 1100 PKR ahead. The next time I went with a bigger group, and it was close to the same – a little over a grand.

They better keep it up, because I plan on being a regular, though I may have to compromise and go from tacos to salad! I’m giving them a solid 9/10 in my books and hope you all go check it out for yourself! Its Taco Tuesday everyday of the week in my world.



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