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Mughal Restaurant : Across the bridge we go!


Mughal Restaurant : Across the bridge we go!


We recently received an invite to go and review Mughal Restaurant, a newly opened eatery opposite the Expo Center at Hassan Square. My team and I decided to head on over, across the bridge, and give it a try so that we could bring you an honest review. Off we went, on a surprisingly pleasant Sunday evening in Karachi, to take a look-see!

You know how they say, never judge a book by it’s cover? Well, here is a prime example! This eatery, although named Mughal Restaurant, has not limited itself to only Mughalai and traditional dishes, but also has Continental and Chinese food on their menu. That’s a whole lot of options under one roof. At first, you would be skeptical at how they would manage juggling such a variety of cuisines, but just to give you guys a heads up, this restaurant has been in the Middle East for almost twenty years now and has just recently expanded and opened a branch in Karachi. So, you have to give them a little benefit of the doubt and assume they know what they are doing.

Stepping inside, we were amazed to see that it was truly a fine dining restaurant, something we didn’t truly expect to find in the heart of Gulshan and its surroundings. The place is exquisitely done up with dim lights and a royal interior, which makes the ambiance warm and comfy. The staff was friendly and courteous, greeting us enthusiastically and doting on us throughout. Once seated, we perused the menu, and although there were a variety of choices to pick from, we preferably ordered mainly Mughalai food since it’s their specialty and that was what had originally peaked our interest.

We started with appetizers and ordered the Chicken Cheese balls. They were deep-fried to perfection with an adequate amount of cheese-filled in the mince balls, served with French Fries and a ranch sauce. These tasted really good, as per our desi palate, but were nothing to rave on about.

We started digging into the mains with an order of Seekh Kabab; While the serving portion was generous, the kebabs were a little bland for our desi taste buds. A bit more masala could have highlighted the flavors and made these kebabs more memorable. Next up, we opted for the Kashmiri Biryani with dry fruits, since we were informed that this was their house specialty. It was actually really good! Different, yes, but unique in its own way. The best way to describe it would be a sweeter version of Pulaou with the added sprinkle of dry fruits. I couldn’t help but appreciate the heaping amount of dry fruits incorporated into the dish, along with the high quality of rice.

Next, we ordered the Handi with White Sauce. This was something new, as none of us had ever tried a fusion dish like this before. To our surprise, we actually devoured the whole thing clean! The explosion of flavours worked out, elevating a classic dish into something special. Somehow, but the grace of the food gods, we had enough space to give the last dish of the night, the Peshawari Karahi, a fair test. It was a perfect blend of chicken and spices, and served up with garam garam naan – it truly hit the spot.

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our meal, which to be very honest we were not expecting to be this good. For people living in this part of the city, you now have a place to go for a truly indulgent meal. Since this was our first restaurant from the other side of the bridge, we are looking forward to try more from this area. I would easily make the trek again for Mughal Restaurant!

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