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My Lotus Lust List

Foodies Roundup

My Lotus Lust List


Some people day dream about holidaying in the Maldives while others wish on stars  to become famous. I, however, fantasise about swimming a pool filled with lotus, even if that means drowning slowly and sweetly to death.

I know this crazy isn’t exactly new, and much like Salted Carmel, some can say it’s been done to death. But that’s hasn’t stopped me from my mission to find the most decadent Lotus Dessert in K-town.


After taste testing several dessert menus and trying my best to be vigilant, here are my top two contenders.

The Molten Lotus Lava Cake from Delina: This little lotus bomb is the best kind of flavour explosion, chocolate plus lotus! A warm, sticky flood of melted syrup envelopes the spongey brownie as soon as you cut into it. It looks small and unassuming when it comes to you, but boy does it pack a punch. The trick is how generous they are with the sauce because the brownie was about to burst! Bellissimo!

The Lotus Pancakes by Cafe Praha : Even though they cannot make a single decent main course for the love of decor, Cafe Praha more than makes up for it with their Lotus Pancake. Served steaming, the bouncy, airy, melt in your mouth pancakes are DOUSED in lotusy goodness, topped with lotus crumbs and a lotus biscuit. That first bite is almost a Harry Met Sally-esque foodgasm of an experience. Side note, I like to compare my appetite to that of a Vikings Will, so trust me when I say IT IS TOO MUCH FOR ONE PERSON.



Cheese fiend by day, anime addict by night, you can find Aneela begging strangers online to source her Lucky Charms (@aneelashaikh) 

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