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Neels Guide to Karachi Eat 2020

Foodies Roundup

Neels Guide to Karachi Eat 2020


Keep your Golden Globe to yourself Brad, cause when Karachi Eat is on, there is no where in the world I’d rather be than in the jam packed, food fuelled mad dash thick of it all, chomping my way through my own personal ‘Golden List’ I make ever year. I thought I’d share my must try’s of Eat 2020 with you. Some old, some new – there is no criteria but mouthwatering (sounding) food! In no particular order, and of course missing some hidden gems I’m sure to discover…

The Crepery
S’moreo Crepe! Since my soul is basically made up of marshmallow fluff tbh, this had to make the cut.
(Stall #27)

Mini Lotus French Toast aka an ode to my toxic relationship with sugary syrups!

(Stall #26)

Burmese Bowls

The Khowsamosa Shot is looking like a Burmese rendition of pani puri, and although I don’t know what to expect I am excited because FUSION!
(Stall #30)

Sweet Greens
No Karachi Eat walk through is complete without the OG bad boys, and I have my eyes set on their Red Chilli Tacos
(Stall #65)

Blooming Onion? Although these guys have been a hit or a miss in the past, they are looking for redemption with this Insta worthy deep fried onion, served also at the famous Nusr-Et worldwide

(Stall #89)

The Cheesy Boys
With The Grilled Chillie Cheese Dog shining bright on their menu, I mean, I’ve already written the word ‘cheese’ twice, so do I really need to say anymore? (Stall #8)

Punjabian Dhaba
We are desi to the core and we are proud of it! The Sarson ka Saag with Makki ki Roti sounds heavenly. Nothing better than some rich creamy palaak to bring your inner Popeye out. Olive my own puns. You don’t have to be a Brute about it. (Stall #74)

So, these guys might have a shop here in Ktown that I never go to, but with their Rueben Slam I’m simply just checking to see that my favourite type of sandwich’s name is not being slandered. Call it my civic duty…

(Stall #32)

Taco Cat
2019 was the year of the cat, and the way their new Mexican treat, the Tacos Al Pastor, is looking, Taco Cat is bringing that 2020 feline vision to Khi Eat!
(Stall #18)

A returning favorite! One of the things that shocked me last year was how good their Bread Bowl Lasagna was, and I’ve been thinking about it all year since

(Stall #105)

The Waffle Witch
Brussels Waffle Topped with Lotus Sauce and crushed biscuits. That’s all I’m saying.
(Stall #61)

Drty Dogs
Not a lot is mentioned about their Mysterious Hot Dog except that they look like they get down and dirty, loaded to the brim with cheesy meaty goodness
(Stall #39)

Ok, I am a millennial and only human, so of course the gram worthy 24K Gold Ice Cream had to make the cut
(Stall #44)


Written by Aneela Shah


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