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Does this eatery have what it takes to make a name in K-town?

I was recently invited to dine out at the newest eatery in town, Aussie Burger Company. At first, I was almost rolling my eyes – yet ANOTHER burger joint in town! But then, of course, curiosity got the best of me and I decided to drag some friends and go give it a go for myself.

Walking in, nothing about the interior stood out – there were cute painting all framed together, a wooden interior similar to that of a steak house, and a run of the mill fast food counter showcasing the madness in the back. It was not trying too hard, which I appreciated, but it also had nothing noteworthy to talk home about. It was almost so basic that I’ve not really got much to say, but in this day and age where theme can be overkill, maybe this simple approach to interiors will work out in their favor.

They were serving up a set tasting menu, so I didn’t get a chance to pick and choose my meal. And, I’m ok with this, because the menu seemed to be packed full with options, and I wasn’t in the mood to be spoiled for choices. For once, I was ok with being told what to eat.

We started with a plethora of starters – Onion Rings, Loaded Fries, Chicken Strips and Buffalo Wings. The Onion Rings were crispy and double fried, and while I usually don’t waste calories on such things, they were better than most I’ve had around town. The Buffalo Wings and Chicken Tenders both fell into the average category – again, nothing stand out or special to have blown my mind, but nothing wrong with them either. So far, everything was average. However, the Loaded Fries were a serious miss for me. Personally, I would have been happy with basic fries with my burger, but this overly loaded dish didn’t hit the spot. It tasted like desi keemah on top and just felt out of place with the simplicity of the other starts.

While we waited for the main, which I heard were three of their top burgers, we were served two refreshing drinks. Since I was never given a menu, I’m not sure what either one was called, but the one I’m pretty sure they said was “something peach” was really delish! Refreshing, not too sweet and keeping me satisfied while I waited for my meal – usually I’m not a funky drink person, so this was a stand out for me.

Now on to the mains. Well, let me say this – average is NOT the word I would use. The soft potato bun melted in my mouth with every bite, and I was hooked. They served us two chicken burgers and their classic beef cheeseburger. While I don’t even like BBQ sauce, their chicken BBQ burger balanced the intense flavor of BBQ sauce perfectly, giving just a hint of smokey flavor to the crispy and juicy chicken patty. The second chicken burger was the opposite, with a sweet Description

Coleslaw filling that gave the whole burger a signature identity. I mentioned to the owners to try and add a kick of tart or spice to balance out the sweetness of the slaw – as a hint of chili or even the kick of pickle would help add on to the flavor palette overall.

But the beef burger… Hit. The. Spot. I’m glad I went in with a baseline of expectations, because in this ever-growing foodie world, it’s hard for a classic burger to stand out. But their OG Cheeseburger did just that. Again, the soft potato bun and simple succulent patty came together for what was a truly spot on burger. I would 10/10 go back just for that.

With a lot more on the menu to be discovered, from shakes to hot dogs and starters galore – I would give Aussie Burger a solid 8/10. BUT this is simply because the burger, which would be the reason I would ever go in the first place – met my mark. The rest of the menu seemed to fall into a very average category, so to STAND OUT in Karachi, I feel like these guys need some extra oomph.

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