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Nowruz Mubarak

Foodies Roundup

Nowruz Mubarak


How food and culture come together to celebrate the Persian New Year.

Nowruz is the Iranian New Year, also known as the Persian New Year, and is a celebration that brings together family and friends. Since across the globe people are practicing social distancing this year, many are unable to spend the occasion together – however the true spirit of togetherness lives on in our hearts.

The history of Nowruz stretches back more than 2,600 years to the time of ancient Persian kings. While initially a religious festival, Nowruz is now mostly secular, though it is steeped in symbolism and rich traditions. March traditionally is associated with bringing with it the concept of spring cleaning. Keeping with tradition – families plant small pots of wheat, barley or lentils that quickly germinate into lush green sprouts. This is only the kick off to how food plays a major role in the concept of life, growth, family, tradition and bonding.


The centerpiece of Nowruz observances is the Haft Sīn, a tablesetting consisting of seven symbolic foods – all starting with the letter ‘S’. These often include items such as wheat, barley or lentil sprouts (sabzeh), garlic (sīr), apples (sīb) and vinegar (serkeh). The table also includes other items like candles, mirrors, colored eggs and even goldfish bowls with live fish.

To all those who celebrate Nowruz, for religious reasons or for traditional with friends, we are with you! We have some of our favourite Nowruz spread items on our mind. Tiss the season to indulge in all kinds of sweets, pastries, nuts and desserts. Some of the more popular Nowruz dishes include Sabzi polo ba mahi – a fragrant rice tinted vivid green, infused with herbs and served with fried fish.Kookoo sabzi is an herbed omelet, similar to that most of us eat on a sunday brunch. Of course, no meal is complemented without the power of protein; Reshteh polo are chunks of lamb or mutton, infused with with rice and noodles.


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