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How far are you willing to go for a good meal?

No, really, how far are you willing to go for a good meal? For Karachiites, sticking to Defence and Clifton yields many delicious options, however, one can grow bored with the seamlessly growing number of hip restaurants or trendy cafes. Well, yes, there’s always Burns Road for an evening of heavy salan and kebabs. But no, I am referring to leaving the food rich city of Karachi and traveling into the unknowns of interior Sindh for some hidden gems. To put a turn on a popular phrase and go off the eaten path.

Having the privilege of working all over this country I have been fortunate enough to eat at places that can only be titled as hidden gems; establishments that are humble to their core, with only a few menu options and often even lacking a name. One such establishment, Café Imran in Gharo, is such a gem boasting an excellent Namkeen Mutton Roast (I am quite partial to the layer of yielding succulent fat that sticks to the side of the haunch). Open almost 24 hours on almost every day of the week it is a much-needed meal stop when traveling out of Karachi towards Eastern Sindh. The village of Kario Ghanwar boasts Zohaib Hotel which offers up the unique Talli hui Chirchi, quite the spicy and flavorful dish. A plate of fried green chillis along with various spices make it an essential accompaniment to any main dish ordered at such a place. The Chicken Kulcha Parahta in Hyderabad makes for a filling if heavy breakfast that sets one up for a day in the city with enough energy to get through to lunch when you can stop for some delightful Fish Fry right next door.


These are but a few standouts in a province often underrepresented when considering delicious meals. The fare may not have the presentation and the location or the ambiance that a lot of “Foodie” eaters would be accustomed to, but believe me when I say that the flavor or each ingredient comes through. Cooked every day and with fresh ingredients (usually picked from a field only a short way away) these dishes are deserving of anyone willing to make the trip out of Karachi. While K-town boasts its own hidden gems and fine establishments the lack of representation for the rest of Sindh is something that can only be changed by having a willingness to go and try it for yourself.


Overcoming the initial hurdles of distance and time of travel are the only real obstacles that stand between you and some truly desi culinary experiences that are both rewarding and filling. So next time wanderlust takes you, get out of the city, drive along the Indus river and have a meal that may prove to be one that changes your perception about food in the interior.

Written By Hassan Saeed

Hassan has a healthy appetite for unhealthy food. He also enjoys pretending to be a chef, playing music only he enjoys and making art no one understands. Follow him on Instagram @jelybi to find some aesthetically pleasing photos.


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