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Pita – Karachi’s Hidden Gem


Pita – Karachi’s Hidden Gem


I am, very proudly, obsessed with Pita. This is why I find it absurd that so many people have no idea what eatery I’m talking about. Nestled behind Spring Supermarket on Saba Commercial in Karachi, this little grab and go spot has got the most mouthwatering and authentic Lebanese wraps.

Their pita, aka shawarma, is just what you need to hit the spot. It’s hearty, it’s packed with flavor, the roti is made fresh on the spot and the flavors all come together to send you into a proper food coma.


For me, their Kolachi (a hot seller) is a must-have. For those of you who like that added heat, this one is not for the faint-hearted. With a desi spin on Tikka Mayo, it comes with imli chutney, pickles, fries and so much more! I tell them to add on the spice and spend most of my meal wiping away the sweat from my upper lip and the tears of both joy and pain (in a good, can’t breathe type of way) streaming down my face. But they have a little something for all palettes. They have a Skinny Greek, which I once tried in my attempt to be healthy. With feta cheese and tzatziki sauce, it was a light and airy shawarma that satisfied my hunger but without the associated guilt. They also have the Original Beiruti, which pays homage to the classics – something that you can never go wrong with!

However, it’s not a winner from head to toe. Take my word for it, the appetizers are beyond average. My cook can whip up a more exciting Hummus, and their Gourmet Fries are nowhere at pare with others in the city. If you’re heading over, stick to the basics and don’t explore too hard. Trust me! Their shawarmas are all you need.

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