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RAMEN TO THE RESCUE! The DIY Ramen Noodle tricks you need try

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RAMEN TO THE RESCUE! The DIY Ramen Noodle tricks you need try


Everyone is either becoming a home-based baker during quarantine or finding themselves channeling their inner Gordon Ramsey. Being in the kitchen helps us take our minds off of all the scary things happening around us, so it’s no wonder that cooking has become the go-to hobby during these times.

However, sometimes I find myself in a nostalgic space where I just want some good old comfort food that’s quick and easy to whip up. Enter – packet noodles! Take us back to our college days because nothing hits the spot like ramen – and we have the life hacks you need to know to elevate your meal into a gourmet dish.

Butter Me Up

The recipe might not call for it, but did you know that a little dollop of butter in your old school Maggie Noodles makes for a while new experience. The butter makes for extra soft noodles!

The Secret Sauce

To add an authentic touch to your Ramen noodles (especially the spicy Korean ones!) add a splash of soy sauce or fish sauce during the process. This elevates the overall pallet of the dish and gives it that hidden zing.

Go Green 

Why not take your basic packet noodles and reinvent it to your desire. Throw in some chopped veggies, some spring onion or even some parsley in the top. Whether it’s a garnish or some crispy greens mixed in, now is the time to experiment and see what you like.

Wok This Way 

As most ramen devotees know, a couple of minutes in some oil does wonders. Once your ramen noodles are cooked, toss them in a wok or lightly oiled pan for a wonderfully carb-filled sauté.

Egg-ceptional Addition 

When all else fails, or your simple too lazy – then you just need ONE ingredient to change it all up. Go about mixing in your hot water and packaged flavoring and let your cup a noodle come to life. Transport into a bowl and top off with an egg! While a boiled egg seems like the most common go-to of choice – I like to whip up a perfectly fried egg to add a whole additional level of flavours to a fairly simple meal.

Finally, one thing is for sure – I always add in extra collie powder. You can even throw in some crunchy chillies or flakes, and you can never go wrong with hot sauce on top (of anything really). Now – your sad ramen just took on a whole new personality.

Let us know which of these hacks you tried in the comments below – or if you have any you think we need to know about!


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