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Ramzan Rapid Fire feat. Hira Tareen

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Ramzan Rapid Fire feat. Hira Tareen


From midnight mango smoothies to secret pakora recipes, see what iftar and sehri traditions Hira Tareen has up her sleeve!

What are some of your iftar and Sehri traditions?
We end up staying up till 3:30 and have a little bit of whatever we would usually have for dinner, and at other times we keep it simple and make a nice date or mango milkshake or smoothie.

One dish that HAS to be on the table at iftar and why?
That would have to be pakoras because…. I mean, what is an iftar without pakoras?

One item you end up binge eating and then regret?
Whenever I am on set for a drama shoot I usually end up eating those Qeema samosas that are not homemade, and I always regret it! They are tempting but always make me feel weird afterwards.

What do you like to make /cook/create for the table?
I like to make my mother in law’s super yummy signature pakora recipe that she passed on to me. One should get some protein intake during Iftar as well,  because we usually get a lot of carbs but not enough protein, so I like to make grilled meat items, my favourite being tandoori chicken drumsticks. Homemade pizza is another thing that is usually my husband Ali’s favourite; so I make that for him as well.

Your Sehri must haves? 
Dates and water!

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