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Rizwan Kabab House – Desi Food At its Best!


Rizwan Kabab House – Desi Food At its Best!


Rizwan, what?’ might be the question that comes to your mind, if you haven’t been to or heard of this place. Trust me, for those who have become loyal fans of the restaurant, it is just ‘Rizwans’  they refer to when craving the best Bar.B.Q in the city. It might not be the perfect place to hang out but it surely does provide the taste that not many others do in Karachi. Situated in Defence Phase II behind United Bakery, Rizwan Kabab House has been serving Kababs, Paratha Rolls and other staple Bar.B.Q items for over two decades now, and people from all walks of life still frequent the restaurant when they want to give their taste buds the deliciousness it was missing.

The Good

Unlike other BBQ restaurants, Rizwan Kabab House does what it does best and doesn’t expand its menu just to make sure that customers are always hanging around. Their trademark item is ‘Paratha Roll’ the taste of which hasn’t changed in the last 20 years. What makes their Paratha Rolls different from others is that unlike the competition across the road, they serve the roll in a poori, the ones that we love to have at weddings. Yes, the poori is lighter than the paratha whereas the contents are yummy, as per your order. There is Beef Roll and Beef Mayo Roll, followed by your classic Chicken Malai, Chicken Garlic and traditional Chicken Roll. Then there is Chicken Tikka variety accompanied by Beef items as well, and it would be impossible for you to choose just one. There is Dhaga Kabab in both Chicken and Beef, Gola Kabab as well as an array of Chicken dishes ranging from Chicken Namkeen to Reshmi Kabab. Order as much as you can eat instead of as much as you want because the ‘stomach’ has a limit.


The Bad

Rizwan Kabab House doesn’t operate in the daytime because they feel that they won’t get customers for lunch. However, that’s not the worst thing about them – the award for that goes to the location; it would have become the next Bar. B. Q Tonight had it been situated elsewhere. There is a small portion with tables and chairs where a group of friends can sit and enjoy the food; in the case of families, eating in the car is the best option. The constant flow of traffic outside would disturb the foodies as well because when you want to eat the best food, you have to be sitting in the best place too. Then there is the Karahi that takes a lot of time to arrive, and by then those who have ordered the rolls are through with their food.


The Verdict

If your friends haven’t tried this place but you have, or if your friends recommend this place and you haven’t heard about it, don’t hesitate. Like a good ODI batsman, Rizwan Kabab House plays on its strengths and delivers a six every time. Yes, it operates only when it’s dark but that’s because they want to give the best service to its customers, without tiring the people responsible for maintaining high standards. The prices are affordable; in fact far less than any other Paratha Roll point where you don’t get your money’s worth. It is one of those few places where quality and quantity are both ideal, making it the perfect place to spend any day of the week.


Written By: Omair Alavi (@omair78)
There are three things that define Omair – Food. Films. Books (in that order). He doesn’t just love food, he also loves the story behind each dish, so be ready for an amalgamation of history and hunger!


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  1. Best review. This is a wonderful place to have Bar BQ. If they make family hall it will be wonderful


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