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Some Like it Hot (Pot)

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Some Like it Hot (Pot)



Home catering just got a fun new twist

if you are unfamiliar with the concept of hot pot, which I was when I first sat down to give this a go, then don’t worry – the experience of learning on the go is half the fun. This Chinese cooking method of building your own creation out of a steaming broth and plethora of goodies has just hit the Karachi scene, and all we can say is – YES! A fun, group activity alongside some deeeelish food (if you get your mix right) is honestly all we need for a good night out. @HOTPOTKARACHI seems to have you covered.

This new venture has recently taken K town by storm, but what I love is at the heart of it, the concept is simple. Each individual is given their own hot pot, and are served a clear broth that begins to boil under a fresh fire. The spread gives you a multitude of options to throw into your dish – but the sauce is key! They have a delectable peanut sauce, which you can build on with chilies, fish sauce, soya sauce, onion, garlic and much more. Again, I must make it clear that your sauce… is. KEY! To each their own, of course, but I loaded mine up with all the fixin’s and extra spices and that was the best idea I had all night.

Then you start to build. With an option of five meats (beef, mutton, lamb, fish and shrimp) alongside tofu, you can also chose from four different noodles (rice, glass, wheat and flat) to truly tailor make your dish. For me – it was a classic beef and shrimp aka surf and turf combo, alongside some glass noodles for that authentic feel. Then come all your sides! There were too many to count, from Shiitake Mushrooms to Bok Choy, Sweet Potatoes to Baby Corn – the add-on’s are endless!

Time to cook! It’s simple, but I do believe there is an art to your pace. First the veggies, as they take longer. Let them simmer in the rich flavourful broth. The noodles go in next and then finally your meat (which cooks much quicker than the rest).  TA DA! Your personalized dish is ready to dig in.

The most fun part, besides the mouthwatering food, is the overall communal energy. Everyone is cooking away, inspecting their neighbours dish and channeling their inner Gordon Ramsay – it’s truly a fun experience from start to end! Hot Pot Karachi seems to have gotten it right with a classic concept and they delivery and execution to match. This is one you surely don’t want to miss out on!


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