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Steak by CFU: Is the Hype Real?

Every so often, an eatery pops up and creates an immediate uproar in the city – with an influx of reviews on social media labeling it as God’s gift to mankind. Steak by CFU has recently been such a place, with bookings going on for a month in advance and all of Insta blowing up with drool worthy snaps. Since the eatery survived the 5 month mark, my curiosity was piqued enough to make my first visit, which was at the very strange 6:30PM, more of a linner (lunch+dinner) time slot that I detest unless I’m intermittent fasting.

As soon as we were served the menu, the charming Khurram Rasheed, the man behind the food, walked in to greet us. I left the choice of flavor, steak cut and sides in his capable hands, just to see what he would hit me with. What I got was truly worth the hype. The steak was well-rested, hence understandably cooler in temperature, which I don’t mind since I eat cold pizza and biryani out of the fridge. However, I can see how that can be problematic for those who prefer really hot food and don’t factor in the time it takes for a good picture, if you’re like me. There was no knife needed for the steak, I kid you not, it was soft enough to melt apart and this became the reason for love at first bite. The meal lived up to my expectations with its perfect temperature, burst of flavor and spot on texture and cut. The sides and sauces were amazing add-ons, which made my dining experience even better. The roasted garlic, kimchi, chimichurri, potatoes and mushrooms were perfectly paired flavor enhancers, although the roasted garlic was my absolute favorite. The main focus for me remained the steak – from first bite to the last. With nothing inside me except my morning coffee, the steak platter at Steak by CFU lived up to expectation and was worth waiting for.

For those of you who are wondering if there’s anything other than steak available, there is! You can find a chicken and seafood platter option with your choice of seasoning and sides, and while I haven’t eaten anything other than steak there myself, my friends who have tried the other two options absolutely love them!

After the meal, Khurram once more came over to our table to ask about our meal and experience, and we had a brief chat full of praises before he left to attend to other guests.

We ended our early evening with different flavors of cheesecake for the table courtesy Khushi in a Box. With four delicious flavors to choose from – lemon, strawberry, blueberry and chocolate mocha mousse – there seems to be a little something for everyone. The lemon cheesecake, which I had just a few bites of, was a great palate cleanser and was thoroughly enjoyable after such a fulfilling meal. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea however, since the cheesecake had more of a lemon-custard texture atop a soft biscuit base, served in a small jar. I loved it though, and thought it was the perfect portion after such a large and gluttonous meal. Khurram approached our table once more when we were almost done with dessert, showing his attention to customer service was down to a T.

The final damage? Our bill for 3 steak platters (RS. 2,500 each), 1 chicken platter (RS. 2,000), drinks and 4 cheesecakes totaled to approximately Rs. 10,000. Not to shabby! Every paisa was well-spent the splurge.

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