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Does K-town’s newest burger joint hit the spot?

After a successful debut at Karachi Eat earlier this year, Burger Bros was the sure shot winner of being the most highly anticipated eateries for patrons across the city. However, since I never made it there myself, I was left feeling a great sense of FOMO and knew I had to get my hands on those sliders ASAP. Well, as soon as the high from KE wore off, these bros were nowhere in sight! (GHOSTED). Their Insta page went quiet, the snap stories from catered events dwindled down and the overall excitement and enthusiasm was soon a fleeting feeling.

Then, a few weeks back, news broke of an oh so trendy “Pop Up” collaboration between Waffle Witch and Burger Bros… and I knew this was finally my chance! Nestled in the heart of Khadda Market, the new home to Waffle Witch, the bright neon sign was calling out my name. Since their sweet and simple menu has only three types of burgers, let me break it down for you nice and simple…


This basic cheeseburger slider was the definition of melt in your mouth good. The soft bun complemented with a juicy patty was easy to finish in just a few bites and was in fact one of my top picks for sliders I’ve tried before (oh wait, I feel another list coming soon…) For a decent PKR. 300 I could easily have devoured two and gone in for a gluttonous third.


Surprisingly, the chicken slider was heavier and heartier than the classic cheeseburger, and rightfully so as a massive piece of fried chicken – with that crispy Flamin’ Hot Cheetos crust – balanced out against the soft buttery bun. The Cheetos flavor wasn’t overpowering and helped give a hint of kick to each bite. I felt quite full and so for the same PKR. 300 this felt like a slight more bang for your buck! (However, you can’t compare fried chicken with a classic cheeseburger… you just cant’!)


Ok… I won’t lie – I just don’t get it? With only a hint of BBQ sauce marking any difference between this and the Level 1, along with maybe a little extra sauce, I could NOT find anything unique or special about this slider other than the fact that it cost almost double the price! And that also, for the same size in patty… Meh. At PKR. 650 this just didn’t do it for me even though it had many of the same effects – IE. Melt in your mouth. I would say the Level 1 does the job either way.

But guess what Karachi… the pop up is now OVER. *Insert GASP* Yep, it’s true. As I sat down to write my little review I saw that their little experiment was coming to an end! Now what? I am assuming this little trial run was to help the bros in figuring out their next step… and well, we suggest to open shop quick before the next big Karachi Eat debutants show up to play. Oh yeah, and make the wagyu beef burger a little more memorable if you plan to stick to the price margins. However, if they keep up with their quality of ingredients than if I were a betting man – I would totally put money on them taking home the win.


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