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The Donut Debate

Foodies Roundup

The Donut Debate


Strawberry Shortcake VS Strawberry Jam

Harry Styles recently sang “Tastes like strawberries, on a summer evenin’…” and all I could think about was actual dessert! It’s almost that yummy time of year for seasonal fruits to take over your dessert platter, and it’s two Karachi based hot spots that have kicked of the race.

In one corner, we have a city staple – Easy. Their light and fluffy donuts have made a name for themselves, and their creative menu is constantly evolving to bring patrons flavours that are truly out of the box yet hit home every time. Their recent strawberry jam donut is no joke. Overflowing with fresh strawberries, smothered in a delicious sticky jam, this treat is a mouthful of goodness in each bite.

In the other corner we have new kids on the block – ODonut. These guys are a home based delivery service that became the talk of the town after Karachi Eats. Their donuts are slightly more dense and the glaze is not as sweet as others, but this only enhances the other flavours incorporated. Their strawberry shortcake donut, new on the menu, is every bit as delightful as tea time should be. The simplicity of shortbread infused with the tangy zest of fresh fruits… its got texture and layers of flavour in all the right ways.

So in the ultimate face off – who takes home the prize?!? We don’t mean to play is safe, but it’s almost impossible to decide. On one side, the strawberry shortcake was something new and different – and the texture was right on point! However, the jam donut felt like home. It was packed with flavour (almost a little overwhelming how each bite was sinfully packed) but to the taste buds it was something familiar and comforting.

So that’s that. We give both treats a 10/10. Yes! The Spring season has made us generous and loving. That’s why we need YOU – our readers, to pitch in and give us your feedback. Which donut, in your opinion, is the berry belle of the ball?!

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