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Karachi’s spiciest dishes!

I enjoy food that leaves my nose running, eyes watering and tongue doing its own version of the Macarena. I have a bottle of Sriracha on my bedside table and snort chaat masala on the reg. So, when I say that I LOVE spice, you know I truly mean it. I made this list for my fellow spice addicts, in hopes they enjoy the following spiciest dishes in K-town as much as I do. (Disclaimer: for those who define adding Thousand Island to your Subway sandwich as being adventurous, look away now because this ain’t for your kind!)

5. Mirchili

Their Masala Aloo is just a warm, warm blanket of tangy zany potato goodness. Chunks of soft, crumble away aloos slathered in a thick red sauce infused with Curry Pattas always hits the spot when you’re looking for that khatta kick.




4. Wingitt

The Habanero sauce from Wingitt has a creeping spice that makes its way up your throat, and before you know it, little teardrops are plotting their escape from the side of your eyes. It’s a nice side bite, but a little too intense to make a whole meal out of. This one is a little inconsistent though, sometimes it happens to be pretty spicy and other times it’s been downright sweet. Pro Tip: If you’re like me and revel in the fact that we live in a city where any food you want can be delivered to your doorstep, get the sauce and wings separate and just toss them together in a Wok on a medium heat at your house for that extra crispy freshness.


3. Wang Wang

While all of you are at the gym, you can find me working up a sweat at my favorite hole in the wall Chinese place. Although it may not be the most hygienic, the spicy boiling Hot Pot can be used to cook anything from the myriad of options provided in the menu. Top it off with their in house red sauce alongside a decent dollop of peanut sauce and you’ve got yourself a delicious meal that will leave you both sated as well as give you that great post-workout glow without having to do 400 burpees

2. Al-Habib Restaurant

This place is located on the Highway, so yes it is a bit of a trek I know, but if you are a spice fiend like me, no road is too long and no distance too far. The best, and most deadly, karahi in all the land can be found here. Seeped overnight in a green chili paste, the chicken is melt in your mouth soft, and the gravy rich in both texture and mirch. Two bites of karaak sesame naan for every bite of Karahi type ratio is what I’m talking about. Wash it all down with a ‘colder than your exes heart’ coke and you are good to go!


1. Mad Roosta

     Anyone who has tried Mad Roosta’s ‘MAAAD HOT’ flavor is probably violently shaking their heads in agreement with me about this being the spiciest thing you can eat in Karachi. The description on their menu simply says ‘can’t touch this’ and quite honestly they should provide gloves whenever this is ordered! To be fair, their servers and HOTline operators (see what I did there) all give you a serious warning when you order this: IT’S NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART. Forget trying to taste anything for a few hours following consuming this. Your tongue will be so nuked and swollen, you’ll be left wondering if you inhaled a bee by accident. No amount of water, milk, yogurt or lassi will quell the fire. For those who do feel brave enough to try this, the publication and I take NO responsibility for what happens to you or your bathroom afterward.  (Pro-Tip: Their medium heat boneless breast on the scallion waffle is superb btw)



Written by: Aneela Shaikh
Cheese fiend by day, anime addict by night, you can find Aneela begging strangers online to source her Lucky Charms (@aneelashaikh) 

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