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midst attempts to contain the spreading of Coronavirus, the Sindh Government has called for a shutdown of all restaurants – with options for takeaway and delivery still open. But that does this really mean for our food industry? Across the board, organizations and employers are suffering as more and more places shut down. However many people are wondering is there is a way that the food industry could somehow survive.

The math is simple. Without patrons to dine in, restaurants will be loosing a significant amount of their daily income while maintaining their overheads. However, with everyone sitting and homeowners are hoping people are more inclined to order in since they can’t go out. This means riders are still able to do their jobs. But will that be enough to keep many a float? For dhabas and chai walas – they have been asked to shut down by 9PM, but without the footfall of everyday customers, chances of survival seem bleak. On top of this, many waiters, chefs and restaurant staff will find themselves out of a job.

The economy is about to her hit, and hit hard! While places like Pinch and Co and Okra have made it clear their kitchens are running, not all can survive off of the chances that people will order in.

Stay tuned – we will be updating you with how to self isolate and quarantine and somehow still get your grub on.


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